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Fig. 3

From: Rapid, low cost and sensitive detection of Calreticulin mutations by a PCR based amplicon length differentiation assay for diagnosis of myeloproliferative neoplasms

Fig. 3

Jak2 V617F screening by ARMS-PCR. Panel a with tetra primers: Jak2 V617F mutant allele amplified by primers (Tr-V617F-MT-R/Tr-Jak2-F) resulting in 279 bp product, whereas wild type allele amplified by primer pair (Tr-V617F-WT-F/TR-Jak2-R) resulting in 181 bp product. The amplicon produced by two outer primer pairs (Tr-Jak2-F/TR-Jak2-R) result in 405 bp product (internal control). Panel b Visualization on an agarose gel with dilution series to show resolution of tetra primer PCR product: Upper internal control (405 bp), V617F mutant (279 bp) and the Jak2 wild type (181 bp). Detection is achieved in samples containing up to 0.5% V617F mutant allele

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