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Fig. 1

From: Effects of early- and mid-life stress on DNA methylation of genes associated with subclinical cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment: a systematic review

Fig. 1

Relationship between early- and mid-life stress and methylated genes associated with adverse health. Blue arrow represents the latter relationship and studies supporting this are depicted by black numbers. Orange arrow represents the relationship between life stress and future CVD events, mortality, CI and dementia, with black numbers representing studies supporting this relationship. Black numbers within green circles represent studies which have analyzed methylated genes within that category alone. Green arrows represent the relationship between life stress and methylated genes implicated in (top) subclinical CVD; (bottom) CI; and (middle) both subclinical CVD and CI. Studies analyzed in this systematic review which illustrate these relationships are depicted by green numbers. Red question marks illustrate no studies found to support this relationship. Numbered studies can be found in the References section

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