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Fig. 3

From: Common variant of BCAS3 is associated with gout risk in Japanese population: the first replication study after gout GWAS in Han Chinese

Fig. 3

Location of three variants: rs179785, rs200562977 and rs179784 of KCNQ1. rs179785 (A/G) is located at the last nucleotide, “A”, of the 12-bp deletion site on rs200562977 (g.2781508_2781519del12GGCGGGCAGGCA). rs179784 is located 305 bp downstream from rs179785 and shows strong linkage disequilibrium with rs179785 (D’ = 1.0 and r2 = 0.99). For direct sequencing of the three variants of KCNQ1, the primers were designed as follows: 5-ACTTCCTGCCTCTGCTTTC-3 (forward primer) and 5-TGAAGGAAGTGACCCCTG-3 (reverse primer), respectively

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