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Table 6 Age-adjusted odds ratios (OR) for diabetesa according to HHEX (rs5015480) genotypes in strata of smoking status in Korean men (n = 2887)

From: Effect of smoking on the association of HHEX (rs5015480) with diabetes among Korean women and heavy smoking men

  No. of subjects by genotypes OR (95% CIb)
Subjects TT/TC CC P for interaction
Smoking status     0.0182
 Non/Ex/Light smokers 2117/74 1.00 (reference) 0.65 (0.26–1.64)  
 Heavy smokers 502/14 1.21 (0.87–1.69) 4.95 (1.51–16.3)  
  1. aAdjusted for age
  2. bCI, confidence interval