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Table 1 Evolution of process of V-EEG

From: Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB and mild skeletal anomalies: coexistence of NAGLU and CYP26B1 missense variations in the same patient in a Chinese family

11 days Moderately abnormal neonatal EEG with moderately delayed maturity of electricity of the brain (alternate and discrete graphics during QS period). Multiple focal and interhemispheric sharp wave and slow wave activated asynchronously, which is primarily in the left temporal region. Unilateral or bilateral front head was distributed with intermittent theta rhythms.
39 days Abnormal infant EEG with multiple focal spike waves, sharp waves, and irregular slow waves discharged non-synchronously, which mainly at the right central-parietal region. The lateral occipital areas showed intermittent low wave amplitude and fast activities. There were multiple focal episodes during waking and sleeping stages, and the suspected local myoclonus and spasms.
3 months and 3 days Indicated multifocal spike waves, sharp waves, spike slow wave complex, sharp slow wave complex and slow waves which primarily distributed at the frontal and temporal regions and detected multiple spasms during waking and sleeping stages.
5 months and 18 days Hypsarrhythmia which were primarily at occiput