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Table 3 Association between BMI and SNPs selected for the study

From: Establishing a genetic link between FTO and VDR gene polymorphisms and obesity in the Emirati population

SNPs Gene Alleles (1 / 2) MAF Estimate SE P*
rs9939609 FTO A / T 0.416 −0.166 0.066 0.013
rs1544410 VDR C / T 0.486 −0.082 0.066 0.210
  1. Abbreviations- BMI Body mass index, FTO Fat mass and obesity-associated protein, VDR Vitamin D receptor, SNP Single nucleotide polymorphism, Allele 1 / 2: minor / major alleles. Genotypes with significant p < 0.05 are marked in bold. *P values are adjusted for age of subjects and their systolic blood pressure values