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Table 1 Docking interactions: amino acid residues involved in hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic interactions

From: Identification and in silico characterization of a novel p.P208PfsX1 mutation in V-ATPase a3 subunit associated with autosomal recessive osteopetrosis in a Pakistani family

Receptor-Ligand Hydrogen Bonding Hydrophobic Interactions Figure
Ligand Residues Receptor Residues Ligand Residues Receptor Residues
TCIRG1- ATPV1B1 Gly40 Tyr583 Thr12 Tyr13 Ile14 Ser15 Pro17 Phe20 Thr39 Arg41 Val50 Ser51 Ile57 Glu61 Glu62 Thr63 Gly65 Leu66 Ala69 Thr70 His409 Met420 Val421 Leu422 His526 Leu527 Asn531 Met535 His559 Phe560 Leu580 Ohe581 Leu584 Ile589 Fig. 5a
Mutant TCIRG1- ATPV1B1 Asp2Ala69 Cys2Arg28Asp54 Glu7 Gly10 Ala24 Lys25 Leu27 Ala28 Try29 Gly30 Ala31 Val33 Asp34 Ile35 Val42 Gly44 Gly45 Gln46 Tyr54 Val59 Glu61 Leu68 Thr70 Ser72 Ser74 Leu75 Val13 Gln14 Leu15 Phe16 Gln48 Arg50 Arg57 Cys58 Leu61 Phe65 Pro81 Pro82 Lys83 Gly84 Arg85 Pro87 Arg92 Fig. 5b