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Table 6 The geographic provenience of the samples previously detected with the mutation L1053X

From: Monoallelic characteristic-bearing heterozygous L1053X in BRCA2 gene among Sudanese women with breast cancer

SAMPLE geographic provenience L1053X mutation frequency Type Cases Age The study highlighted the mutation Sample source
Canada, USA and Poland*1 1 family (not specified) Germline Familial BC - Lubinski, et al. 2004 [18] Research centers
UK, USA*2 1 control subject (not specified)   - 54 Song H, et al. 2014 [40] Gayther SA, et al. 2007 [54]
Australia 1 case; as HRM High Resolution Melting Method validation Method validation Not specified - Hondow HL, et al. 2011 [53] Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Kathleen Cunningham Foundation Consortium for Research into Familial Breast Cancer (kConFab)
UK, Netherlands*3 1 case Germline Prostate ca 54.6 Sandhu SK, et al. 2013 [39] Fong PC, et al. 2009 [55]
UK 1 case Germline Prostate ca with family history of BC and Lung ca 46 Kote-Jarai Z, et al. 2011 [38] Eeles RA, et al.1997 [56]
  1. *1Cancer centres where the sampling protocols including family pedigree were performed
  2. *2based on large population studies: the population-based SEARCH study UK and the hospital-based Mayo clinic study from USA
  3. *3The centers where the study was performed: at the Royal Marsden National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust (United Kingdom) and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (the Netherlands)