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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of the study population

From: Identification of large genomic rearrangement of BRCA1/2 in high risk patients in Korea

Characteristic Total Breast cancer Ovarian cancer
Number 106 40a (38%) 66 (62%)
 Age, years
  Mean (SD) 51 (12) 46 54
 Age at diagnosis, years
  Mean (SD) 48 (12) 44 51
High-risk features (BC)
 Family history (1st-3rd degree)d   19 (48%)b  
 Early-onset (≤36 years)   11 (28%)b  
 Bilateral   8 (20%)b  
 BC + OC   7 (18%)b  
 Multiple risks   9 (23%)b  
  ≥ 1 high-risk feature   35 (88%)b  
High-risk features (OC)
 Family history (1st-3rd degree)d    9 (14%)c
  1. BC breast cancer, OC ovarian cancer
  2. aSeven patients had both breast and ovarian cancer
  3. bThe percentage of patients with each high-risk feature among BC patients. Because of rounding, the total does not equal 100%
  4. cThe percentage of patients with high-risk feature among OC patients
  5. dFamily history of BC and/or OC in ≥1 close blood relatives (includes first-, second-, or third-degree relatives)