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Table 1 Characteristics of family members with aortic event and presence of the 2-bp deletion in MYLK

From: A novel variant in MYLK causes thoracic aortic dissections: genotypic and phenotypic description

ID Gender Age at event (years) Dissection type Entry AoA Diameter (mm) Survival Surgery
I:1 F 70 Rupture u/k u/k No No
I:2 M 75 A u/k u/k No No
III:6 M 23 Rupture AoA u/k No No
II:3 M 43 A AoA 47 Yes Yes
II:2 M 55 A AoA 48 Yes Yes
  1. F female, M male, AoA ascending aorta, A aortic dissection, type A, u/k unknown