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Table 1 mtDNA alterations analyzed by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

From: Analysis of mitochondrial alterations in Brazilian patients with sensorineural hearing loss using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

Gene Alteration RNA
A636G tRNAPhe
T642C tRNAPhe
MT-RNR1 T669C 12S rRNA
G709A 12S rRNA
A735G 12S rRNA
A745G 12S rRNA
A792G 12S rRNA
A801G 12S rRNA
A827G 12S rRNA
A839G 12S rRNA
A856G 12S rRNA
G988A 12S rRNA
T990C 12S rRNA
T1005C 12S rRNA
A1027G 12S rRNA
A1116G 12S rRNA
T1180G 12S rRNA
C1192A 12S rRNA
C1226G 12S rRNA
T1291C 12S rRNA
C1310T 12S rRNA
A1331G 12S rRNA
A1374G 12S rRNA
T1452C 12S rRNA
A1453G 12S rRNA
C1494T 12S rRNA
C1537T 12S rRNA
A1555G 12S rRNA
MT-TI A4316G tRNAIle
MT-TQ T4336C tRNAGln
T4363C tRNAGln
MT-TW G5540A tRNATrp
A5568G tRNATrp
MT-TA T5587C tRNAAla
T5628C tRNAAla
T5655C tRNAAla
MT-TC T5802C tRNACys
G5821A tRNACys
MT-TS1 A7445C tRNASer (UCN)
A7456G tRNASer (UCN)
C7462T tRNASer (UCN)
MT-TK G8363A tRNALys
MT-TR T10454C tRNAArg
MT-TH G12183A tRNAHis
MT-TS2 C12224T tRNASer (AGY)
G12236A tRNASer (AGY)
MT-TE A14693G tRNAGlu
MT-TT T15908C tRNAThr
G15927A tRNAThr