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Table 3 Mutations that failed and had the assays excluded of the panel

From: Screening of genetic alterations related to non-syndromic hearing loss using MassARRAY iPLEX® technology

Gene Alteration Protein change
GJB2 c.283G > A p.V95M
GJB2 c.457G > A p.V153I
MYO15A c.6796G > A p.V2266M
OTOF c.2122C > T p.R708*
TMPRSS3 c.1221C > T p.P404L
TECTA c.3107G > A p.C1036Y
TMIE c.241C > T p.R81C
CDH23 c.6133G > A p.D2045N
  1. *translation termination (stop) codon.