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Table 1 Scoring of variables assessed in electronic microscopy

From: Hair shaft structures in EDAR induced ectodermal dysplasia

Variables Scores/measure
Purity 1. Completely clean
  2. Relatively clean
  3. Not completely clean
Scale structure of cuticle layer 1. Normal
  2. Incipient loss of structure
  3. Almost no structure
  4. Smooth surface
  5. Erosions
  6. Reinforced scale structure
Diameter min μm
Diameter max μm
Variation in diameter 1. No variation
2. Continuous variation of the same size
3. Large local variation
Deformation grade 1. None
  2. Superficial (no obvious grooves present)
  3. Deep (obvious grooves present)
Deformation extent 1. None
2. Patchy
3. Large surface areas
Twisted hair 1. No
  2. Yes