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Figure 2

From: Mutations in NFKB2and potential genetic heterogeneity in patients with DAVID syndrome, having variable endocrine and immune deficiencies

Figure 2

Histology of Lym1 mutant mouse pituitaries and adrenals. HE staining of pituitaries (A, E, I) and adrenals (D, H, L) from WT (A, D), heterozygous (Nfkb2 Lym1/+) or homozygous (Nfkb2 Lym1/Lym1) newborn mice. Staining of pituitaries with anti-ACTH (B, F, J) or anti-Tpit (C, G, K) antibodies in wild type, heterozygous, and homozygous mutant mice respectively. AL: anterior lobe, IL: intermediate lobe, PL: posterior lobe. Scale bars are shown.

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