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Table 3 Allele and genotype frequencies for rs991316

From: Protective variant associated with alcohol dependence in a Mexican American cohort

dbSNP RS ID rs991316
Minor Allele C
HapMap MAF: MEX 0.36
HapMap MAF: CEU 0.52
HapMap MAF: AFR 0.52
HapMap MAF: ASIAN 0.04
1000GENOMES_AF 0.3970
Present Study Sample  
 Overall MAF 0.4
AlcDepClust Phenotype  
  MAF 0.2568
  Genotype counts 5/28/41
  HWE pvalue 1
  MAF 0.4347
  Genotype counts 66/174/112
  HWE pvalue 1
AlcDep3 and AlcDep4 Phenotype  
  Genotype counts 71/202/153
  Frequency 0.1667/0.4742/0.3592
  HWE pvalue 0.7631
  1. The minor allele frequency (MAF) of rs991316 from the 1000 Genomes project (1000GENOMES_AF) was obtained from the dbSNP website ( The MAFs for the HapMap ethnicities were obtained from the International HapMap Project website ( Genotypes for the present study are listed in the order: homozygous_minor/heterozygous/homozygous_major. Abbreviations: MAF = minor allele frequency; HWE = Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; HapMap MAFs: MEX = Mexican ancestry in Los Angeles, California; CEU = Utah residents with Northern and Western European ancestry; AFR = average MAF of ASW (African ancestry in Southwest USA), LWK (Luhya in Webuye, Kenya), MKK (Maasai in Kinyawa, Kenya), and YRI (Yoruban in Ibadan, Nigeria); ASIAN = average MAF of CHB (Han Chinese in Beijing, China), CHD (Chinese in Metropolitan Denver, Colorado), and JPT (Japanese in Tokyo, Japan).