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Figure 1

From: A novel single base pair duplication in WDR62 causes primary microcephaly

Figure 1

Family Pedigree and Genotypes: a) Members of families MCP1 displaying autosomal recessive primary microcephaly:Patient MCP1-2 (A), his brother MCP1-5 (B), patient MCP1-6 (C). b) Family pedigree and genotypes for 3 specific markers around chromosome 19q13.12. Affected individuals share homozygous allele 1 for D19S414 and homozygous allele 2 for marker D19S220. Relative distances in Kosambi cM were achieved from the Marshfield linkage map ( cen-D19S414-7.48cMWDR62-0.54cM-D1S220-4.27cM-D1S420-tel.

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