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Table 3 Adverse events in families of MYBPC3 mutation carriers

From: Adverse events in families with hypertrophic or dilated cardiomyopathy and mutations in the MYBPC3gene

Fam or single patient Patient Confirmed mutation carrier Age at event Type of event
1 II-9 Yes 54 Transient ischemic attack
2 II-1 Yes 55 Stroke
  II-4 No* 49 ICD
6 I-2 No* 35 Sudden death
7   Yes 51 Stroke
8 II-1 Yes 49 Pacemaker (Sick sinus syndrome)
9   Yes 59 Palpitations, positive EPS, ICD
11 I-2 No* 55 Sudden death
  II-2 No* 36 Sudden death
12 I-1 No* 42 Sudden death
  II-3 No* 33 Sudden death
  II-6 Yes 67 Inferior MI, coronary heart disease
    67 ICD: Non-sustained VT (holter)
  III-3 Yes 42 ICD: Non-sustained VT (holter)
  IV-3 No* 13 Sudden death
13 I-1 No* 64 Stroke
    67 Sudden death
  II-1 No* 53 Transient ischemic attack
14 I-1 No* 53 Sudden death
16 II-1 No* 32 Sudden death
  II-3 Yes 58 Heart transplantation
  II-5 Yes 61 Resuscitation due to ventricular fibrillation, ICD
    67 Heart failure related death
  III-9 Yes 45 Sudden death
17 II-3 Yes 64 Stroke
18 I-2 No* 42 Sudden death
  1. *First degree relative with mutation; ICD: implantable cardioverter defibrillator; EPS: electro-physiological study (programmed ventricular stimulation)