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Table 1 Catalase SNP (rs 1000179) in cases with SLE and normal controls and pedigree disequilibrium test

From: Detection of Catalase as a major protein target of the lipid peroxidation product 4-HNE and the lack of its genetic association as a risk factor in SLE

  SLE (cases) Controls
  Males Females Males Females
Participants 9 102 28 84
C/C genotype 7 90 28 74
C/T genotype 2 12 0 10
  S1 (avg) S2(sum) S3(genotype)  
TD0 (both) 0.776 0.8575 0.8575  
TD1 (only sib pairs) 0.9263 1 1  
TD2 (only triads) 0.3173 0.3173 0.3173  
  1. We have used 48 multigenerational, multiplex families for our family-based association analysis using the PDT program [19]. The test retains a key property of the "transmission disequilibrium test (TDT)", in that it is valid even when there is population substructure or stratification. The PDT program performs both allele-specific and genotype-specific LD analysis of individual markers. T-test was used to assess the significance of for mean differences in general characteristics between SLE and normal subjects. We did not find a single individual in our pedigrees that presented with a T/T genotype, though the reported T/T genotype in African American population is 3.2%.