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Table 1 Scored polymorphisms of LHB and LHCGR.

From: A luteinizing hormone receptor intronic variant is significantly associated with decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease in males carrying an apolipoprotein E ε4 allele

Gene Designation dbSNP reference ID Location Type
LHB lhb1 rs3956233 Intron 1 Intronic SNP
  lhb2 rs4002462 Intron 1 Intronic SNP
  * rs5030775a Exon 2 (signal peptide) Non-synonymous SNP
  lhb3 rs1800447 Exon 2 (vLH SNP 1) Non-synonymous SNP
  ** (rs1800447)b Exon 2 (vLH SNP 2) Non-synonymous SNP
  lhb4 rs6521 Exon 2 Synonymous SNP
  lhb5 rs1056914 Exon 2 Synonymous SNP
  lhb6 rs2387588 Intron 2 Intronic SNP
  lhb7 rs4287687 Intron 2 Intronic SNP
LHR lhcgr1 rs4539842 Exon 1 6 base insertion/deletion
  lhcgr2 rs4073366 Intron 1 Intronic SNP
  lhcgr3 rs12470652 Exon 10 Non-synonymous SNP
  lhcgr4 rs2293275 Exon 10 Non-synonymous SNP
  lhcgr5 rs13006488 Exon 11 Synonymous SNP
  1. ars5030775 not included in analyses, as it was invariant in our cohort
  2. bsecond vLH position not included in analyses since it is in complete linkage disequilibrium with lhb3