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Table 4 Genotyping of the TGFβ1 -508 T>C SNP (rs1800469) in 423 informative MS trio families.

From: Genes implicated in multiple sclerosis pathogenesis from consilience of genotyping and expression profiles in relapse and remission

Group T:C P-value
Westmead 139T:115C 0.13
SMSGC 88T:81C ns
All (both cohorts) 227T:196C 0.13
IMSGC[10] C>T (1.1 odds ratio) 0.20
  1. The samples were stratified and both corrected and uncorrected p-values were calculated to avoid type I and type II errors. There is a trend for over-transmission of the T allele in MS (p < 0.13), and an association in females (puncorrected<0.04), HLA-DR+ (puncorrected<0.01), which was also found when data was combined from a second independent cohort (SMSGC), but was not significant after correction for multiple testing. However, the IMSGC transmission was in the reverse order, with C overtransmitted [10]. This was inferred from the transmission of rs2241714, which is in LD with rs1800469.