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Figure 1

From: SIRT1 genetic variants associate with the metabolic response of Caucasians to a controlled lifestyle intervention – the TULIP Study

Figure 1

Interaction of rs12413112 SIRT1 genotype with the metabolic responses during a controlled 9-month lifestyle intervention. Rs12413112 SIRT1 genotype (GG): filled circles (); X/A: opened circles (). a) Response of plasma glucose determined during the fasting state. b) Response of insulin sensitivity estimated by the formula from Matsuda et al. [12]. c) Response of liver fat content, determined by magnetic resonance spectroscopy. For statistical analyses, all data were log-transformed and adjusted for age, sex, follow-up-time, BMI at both baseline and follow-up and the corresponding variable (plasma glucose, insulin sensitivity or liver fat) measured at baseline. Data are presented as means+SEM (G/G: n = 152, X/A: n = 45 TULIP participants).

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