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Table 1 A detailed summary of all variants selected for this study

From: Association analysis of chromosome 1 migraine candidate genes

GENE Ref SNP ID Chromosome location Coding Alleles Translation AA change Minor allele freq Restriction enzyme Restriction site RE Digest fragement (bp)
KCNJ10 rs1130183 C1q23.2 yes, exon2 C/T non-syn Arg-Cys T = 0.0240 Ear I CTCTTC 614,376,238,8
KCNJ9 rs2494211 C1q23.2 no,3'-UTR T/C Nil nil C = 0.28 Rsa I GTAC 382,204,178
ATP1A4 rs6427504 C1q23.3 yes, exon3 T/C non-syn Gly-Asp C = 0.337 Bcc I CCATC 365,249,116
CASQ1 rs3747623 C1q23.3 no, intron3 T/C nil nil C = 0.481 Hph I TCACC 245,189,116,56
CACNA1E rs704326 C1q25.3 yes, exon43 G/A non-syn Ala-Thr G = 0.390 AciI CCGC 153,109,44
FasL nil C1q25.2 No,3'-UTR CA rpt nil