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Table 1 Genotype analysis in the study subjects

From: Polymorphism of the FABP2 gene: a population frequency analysis and an association study with cardiovascular risk markers in Argentina

  Homozygous Ala54/Ala54 Homozygous Ala54/Thr54 Homozygous Thr54/Thr54
Observed number 105 82 15
Expected number 105.5 81 15.5
X 2 n.s. p > 0.05 q(Thr54)= 0.2777 (95% CI: 0.234–0.323) Sample size: 202
  1. In a sample of 202 individuals, genotype analysis was performed for the polymorphism Ala/Thr. The observed number of homozygous and heterozygous was not significantly different from that expected in a population in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium. The Thr54 frequency found in the Argentine populations was q = 0.277.