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Table 1 A hypothetical clinical pedigree table with migrane.

From: PediDraw: A web-based tool for drawing a pedigree in genetic counseling

Name: demo Age: 35 Date: 01.30.2007 Powered by
id member name affected alive
1 father's father   yes no
2 father's mother   no yes
3 mother's father   no yes
4 mother's mother   no no
5 father   no yes
6 mother   no yes
7 you demo yes yes
8   Spouse No Yes
9   Son1 No Yes
10   Daughter1 Yes Yes
11 Father's Younger Brother David Yes Yes
12   Spouse No Yes
13   Son1 Yes Yes
14   Son2 No Yes
15 Father's Elder Sister Kate No Yes
16   Spouse No No
17   Son1 No Yes
18   Daughter1 No Yes
19   Daughter2 Yes Yes
20 Mother's Elder Brother Peter No Yes
21   Spouse No No
22   Son1 No Yes
23 Mother's Younger Brother Robert No Yes
24 Elder Brother Alex No Yes
25   Spouse Yes No
26   Son1 No Yes
27   Daughter1 Yes Yes
28 Younger Sister Jane No Yes