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Table 2 Healthcare datasets with which GS:SFHS data will be linked.

From: Generation Scotland: the Scottish Family Health Study; a new resource for researching genes and heritability

CHI dataset NHS number (unique personal identifier) (Includes DOB/death) Scotland wide, currently 5.6M people 1980-present
ISD SMR1 record All hospital admissions – ICD9/10 coded Scotland wide, currently 750k p.a. 1980-present
MEMO- Rx Regional prescribing of all pharmacies Tayside wide 1993-present
Mobile Eye Screening Mobile digital retinal photographic unit All GPs; total 33,000. 1991-present
Tayside Biochemistry All biochemical investigations Tayside wide, 25M data items 1993-present
Retinal Laser Clinic Regional laser clinic Tayside 1998-present
DARTS Validation All diabetes patients Tayside wide-all 78 GP Practices 1994-present
Cardiac outcomes Coronary Care Unit admissions, echocardiography, Exercise Tolerant Tests, etc. Tayside 1997-present
Walker Database Tayside birth records from 1952–66 Tayside, 50k births; 73 data items 1952–1966
ISD SMR 2, 6, 10,11 Maternity, cancer, neonatal, child health records Tayside 1980-present
GPASS data Primary care clinical and prescribing data Being rolled out to 65 GP practices ongoing
HEARTS All cardiac admissions Tayside wide 1996-present
Endoscopy All clinic data Tayside 1990-present
Stroke All Tayside strokes Tayside 1993-present
Asthma A cohort of 4,500 asthma patients Tayside 1990-present
  1. Note. Although some of these are currently only available in the Tayside region, it is intended that the capacity will be exported across the rest of Scotland as part of this study.