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Table 1 Data collected from participants in GS:SFHS

From: Generation Scotland: the Scottish Family Health Study; a new resource for researching genes and heritability

1. Pre-clinic questionnaire
a. Demographic details
b. Occupational history
c. Lifestyle – smoking, alcohol, diet, exercise and participation in sports
d. Personal and family medical history
e. Rose angina questionnaire
f. Musculoskeletal questions – including chronic pain, fractures, joint replacements, HRT use, age at
menarche and menopause
g. Current drug history, including prescribed and some non-prescribed,
2. Physical measurements
a. Height, weight
b. Blood Pressure × 2, resting pulse
c. Ankle brachial pressure index
d. Spirometry
e. Electrocardiograph
f. Bioimpedance
3. Personality, Cognitive function, and Psychological distress measurements
a. Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Revised Short Form[27]
b. Logical Memory from the Wechsler Memory Scale III[28]
c. Digit Symbol from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III[29]
d. Verbal Fluency[30]
e. Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale[31]
f. General Health Questionnaire-28[32]
4. Mental health measurements
a. SCID Brief screening interview for major depression[33]
5. Biological samples
a. Blood: EDTA for DNA – 2 × 4.7 ml, 1 × 9 ml;
Clot activator with gel separator for serum – 3 × 5 ml
Fluoride oxalate for glucose – 1 × 2 ml
b. Urine: Stored for future proteomics analysis