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Table 1 Polymorphous loci at or near genes of immune response included in the database

From: Three allele combinations associated with Multiple Sclerosis

Gene/marker Chromosome localization Polymorphism type* [refSNP ID]** Names of alleles considered Method of analysis (the restriction endonuclease used) Numbers of genotyped MS patients/controls
DRB1 6p21 Allele groups corresponding to serological specificities DR1-DR18(3) 01–18(3) [44] PCR-SSP 229/314
Microsatellite TNFa 6p21 (AC)n a1-a13[23] Nested PCR 121/103
Microsatellite TNFb 6p21 (TC)n b1-b7[23] Nested PCR 120/96
   SNP -376A→G [rs1800750] A, G PCR-SSP 202/146
TNF 6p21 SNP -308G→A [rs1800629] A1, A2 PCR-SSP 223/222
   SNP -238A→G [rs361525] B1, B2 PCR-RFLP (BamHI) 165/112
LT 6p21 SNP +252G→A N1, N2 PCR-RFLP (NcoI) 205/150
   SNP +319C→G H1, H2 PCR-RFLP (AspHI) 202/147
   SNP -509C→T [rs17551290] C, T PCR-SSO 119/295
   SNP +72 wild type→C insertion wt, ins   198/340
TGFβ1 19q13 SNP +869T→C (10Leu→Pro) T, C   150/248
   SNP +915G→C (25Arg→Pro) G, C   157/248
   SNP +1632C→T (263Thr→Ile) C, T   178/109
CCR5 3p21 Wild type→32 base pair deletion wt, Δ 32 PCR 221/355
CTLA4 2q33 SNP +49A→G (17Thr→Ala) [rs231775] A, G PCR-RFLP (BstEII) 168/209
  1. Abbreviations used: CCR5 – CC chemokine receptor 5 gene; CTLA4 – cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4 gene; DRB1 – major histocompatibility complex class II DR β-chain gene 1; LT – lymphotoxin α gene; TGFβ1 – transforming growth factor β-1 gene; TNF – tumor necrosis factor gene; PCR – polymerase chain reaction; RFLP – restriction fragment length polymorphism; SSO – sequence-specific oligonucleotides; SSP – sequence-specific primers; ins – insertion; wt – wild type.
  2. * All positions of the SNPs are indicated relative to transcriptional start sites except CTLA4 SNP +49, where +49 is the position from translational start site.
  3. ** RefSNP IDs (rs#) are given for SNPs submitted in PubMed NCBI dbSNP.