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Table 1 Clinical data of the patients from the family 42

From: PKD1 and PKD2 mutations in Slovenian families with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Patient 171/fam 42 172/fam 42 174/fam 42 175/fam42 176/fam42
Gender M M F M M
Age (years) 66 38 32 16 14
Age of onset (years) 66 35 32 14 7
Blood pressure H H; on therapy N N N
Serum creatinin (μmol/l) not measured not measured 80 105 75
Ultrasound of liver not done numerous cysts normal normal normal
Ultrasound of kidneys enlarged kidneys, large cysts enlarged kidneys, large cysts, calcinations cysts several small cysts several small cysts
Dialysis (age at start in years) no no; first signs of insufficiency no no no
Additional symptoms   severe arterial hypertension headaches   
  1. M or F designate male or female patients. Normal values for blood pressure are less then 120/80 mm Hg, (in the table designated as N) values from 120/80 mm Hg up to 139/89 mm Hg indicate prehypertension (P) and values above 140/90 indicate hypertension (H). Normal values for serum creatinin are 70–115 μmoles/l for men and 52–97 μmoles/l for women.