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Table 4 Results from in silico searches for putative transcription factor binding sites.

From: Identification of novel functional sequence variants in the gene for peptidase inhibitor 3

  Allele Predicted transcription factor(s)a
Location Major Minor Major allele Minor allele
-1077 A G   Adf-2a
-1067 A G   TBF1
-1063 G A GCN4 AP1
-960 T Deletion NFATC2  
-911 G A SP1, AP1  
-868 C G   NRC3C1
-689 C G   GATA1
-675 C T   
-453 T G   MAZ
-338 G A   AP1
-258 A G NF1, NFE2, Zta  
  1. aThe transcription factors, whose binding site is predicted to change by the SNP, are listed here.