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Table 1 Approximate breakpoint positions (based on the known/reported marker positions) of previously established deleted regions on 22q11 region.

From: Breakpoint Associated with a novel 2.3 Mb deletion in the VCFS region of 22q11 and the role of Alu (SINE) in recurring microdeletions

ID Proximal Breakpoint Distal Breakpoint Reference
BM-41/308/293 17063468 20207821 Carlson et al 1997
BM-14 17063468 18725000 Carlson et al 1997
BM-8 17383947 18725000 Carlson et al 1997
G 17579237 19600433 Carlson et al 1997
2.3 Mb Deletion 17001842 19356929 Current Study