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Table 1 Long (>19 repeats) and short (≤19 repeats) alleles: CAG repeat number in KCNN3; analysis performed utilising the comparison of long and short allele repeat numbers between migraine and control populations.

From: Association analysis of a highly polymorphic CAG Repeat in the human potassium channel gene KCNN3 and migraine susceptibility

Allele Size
Group Short (≤19rpts) Long (>19rpts)
MA 175 47
MO 137 45
Migraine (Total) 312 92
Control 359 83
  1. * Analysis of long and short alleles: no significant differences were obtained between migraine vs control groups (P = 0.15), MA vs controls (P = 0.46), MO vs controls (P = 0.09), or between MA vs MO (P = 0.40)