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Figure 1

From: Cytogenetic abnormalities and fragile-x syndrome in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Figure 1

Chromosome abnormalities in patients with autistic traits (A) 4 markers: [multiple copies] derived from chromosome 2 [1], 15 [3] with nomenclature (B) 1 duplication of chromosome 15 with arrow denoting the region involved (C) 3 partial deletions (right homolog)(multiple copies) of 3p25, 12q21.2q23.3 & 13q13.2q14.1 with the ideogram, the arrows denote the deleted region. (D) 3 inversions (the right homolog) (multiple copies), inv(10)(p11.2q21.2), inv(14)(q11.2q32), inv(17)(q24.2q25.3) with arrows on the ideogram showing the inverted region (E) 2 translocations (partials in 2 copies, chromosomes involved (right) and their normal homolog (left)) one apparently balanced t(1;14)(q25;q31.2) and one unbalanced der(14;18)(q10;q10). The ideogram with arrows show the breakpoints

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