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Table 1 Primer pairs used for mutation analysis, covering the coding region of PITX2.

From: Mutational analysis of the PITX2coding region revealed no common cause for transposition of the great arteries (dTGA)

exon primer name sequence 5'> 3' TA°C reference
2 PITX2-exon2for:
tag tct cat ctg agc cct gc
gcg att tgg ttc tga ttt cct
60 Ref: [25] this paper
3 PITX2-exon3bfor:
ttg ctc ttt gtc cct ctt tct cct
cgg agt gtc taa gtt caa gca gca
60 this paper
4a PITX2-exon4afor:
ccg cct ctg gtt tta aga tg
gca aag acc ccc ttc ttc tc
60 this paper
4b PITX2-exon4bfor:
ctt gac act tct ctg tca gg
aag cgg gaa tgt ctg cag g
60/56/52* Ref: [25]
5 PITX2-exon5for:
cag ctc ttc cac ggc ttc t
ttc tct cct ggt cta ctt gg
60 Ref: [25]
6 PITX2-exon6for:
gta atc tgc act gtg gca tc
agt ctt tca agg gcg gag tt
65 Ref: [25]
  1. TA: Annealing temperature
  2. * step down PCR was performed with three temperatures for 10/10/15 cycles.