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Table 4 Description of the individual TM4SF10 gene SNP haplotypes determined in this study

From: TM4SF10 gene sequencing in XLMR patients identifies common polymorphisms but no disease-associated mutation

  Exon 1: 186 (Arg59), [21589434] 3' UTR: 705, [21562747] 3' UTR: 2870, [21560583] 3' UTR: 2907, [21560546] 3' intergenic: [21559611]
N1 C C G T C
N2 (n.d.) C C C C
N3 (n.d.) C C T C
N4 (n.d.) T C T T
N5 (n.d.) C C T C
P1 C T C T T
P2 C T C T T
P3 G C C T C
P4 C C C T C
P5 G C C T T
P6 G C C T T
P7 G C C T C
P8 G C C T C
P9 G C C T C
P10 C C C T T
P11 C T C T T
P12 G C C T C
P13 G C C T C
P14 C C C T T
P15 C T C T T
P16 G C C T C
  1. The first row identifies the source of the DNA, either a normal individual (Nx) or a patient (Px; see also table 1 for the detailed description of the patients). The individual bases found at each polymorphic position in the DNA sequence (identified by the nucleotide position in the cDNA sequence and/or in the genomic contig sequence [in square brackets]; see also figure 1) are given in the following rows. (n.d.): not determined.