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Table 2 Stepwise regression analysis

From: The vitamin D receptor polymorphism in the translation initiation codon is a risk factor for insulin resistance in glucose tolerant Caucasians

Dependent Variable Covariate Entered Covariate Removed r2 p
%S    0.293  
  Waist-hip ratio    0.004
  Fok I polymorphism    0.039
   Diastolic blood pressure   0.121
   Body mass index   0.140
   Systolic blood pressure   0.152
   Gender   0.566
   Age   0.715
%B    -  
   Age   0.146
   Fok I polymorphism   0.229
   Waist-hip ratio   0.475
   Body mass index   0.715
   Gender   0.786
   Diastolic blood pressure   0.916
   Systolic blood pressure   0.985