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Table 2 Results of familial QTDT analyses including the whole population (n=200)

From: The CARD8 p.C10X mutation associates with a low anti-glycans antibody response in patients with Crohn’s disease

  Adjusted by the CD status Adjusted by the CD status, and NOD2and NOD1genotypes
  p value Z for mutated allele p value Z for mutated allele
ASCA level 0.024 −24.59 0.023 −24.58
ASCA binary trait (positive/negative) 0.05 −0.146 0.05 −0.145
ALCA level 0.0035 −17.08 0.0034 −17.17
ALCA binary trait (positive/negative) 0.0025 −0.232 0.0026 −0.230
  1. The Z values reflect the strength of associations; negatives values reflect an association with a lower level of the trait under study. Positive values would reflect association with a higher level of the trait. NOD2, (R702W, G908R, 1007fs insC mutations) and the NOD1 +32656 genotypes were from Vasseur et al. [30].