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Table 1 Core phenotyping in DIACORE

From: Study design of DIACORE (DIAbetes COhoRtE) – a cohort study of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2

Phenotype category Item Instrument for obtaining phenotype
General Current Medication Q
Ethnicity Q*
Health insurance Q
Disease management program Q
Fasting status Q
Birth weight Q*
Anthropometry Systolic and diastolic blood pressure P
Heart rate P
Height P
Weight P
  Waist circumference P
Hip circumference P
Risk factors Diabetes duration Q*
Hypertension duration Q*
Smoking history Q
Lipid status L
Physical activity Q
Family history of kidney disease Q
Morbidity CAD Q
  History of CAD (WHO Rose Angina Questionnaire) Q
  Myocardial infarction Q#
  CABG, PCI, heart valve surgery Q#
  PAD and carotid atherosclerosis  
  History of PAD (Edinburgh Questionnaire) Q
  Vascular surgery or percutaneous intervention in peripheral and carotid vessels Q#
  Cerebral ischemia Q#
  History of kidney disease and biopsy results Q#
  Kidney function parameters (e.g. eGFR, annual eGFR decline, albuminuria, change in albuminuria over time, dipstick urine proteinuria) L
  Time to doubling of serum creatinine
  Time to incident renal replacement therapy Q#§
  Diabetic retinopathy requiring laser therapy Q#
  History of malignancy Q#
  Hospitalisation Q#§
  Mortality including cause Q#§
  1. CAD: Coronary artery disease. PAD: peripheral artery disease. Q: self-reported information obtained by questionnaire. L: obtained by laboratory analysis of biosamples. P: obtained by physical examination.
  2. * item determined at baseline visit only.
  3. # items validated by obtaining medical records.
  4. § item determined at follow-up visits only.