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Table 1 Key SNPs identified in asthma GWAS included in the current analyses

From: Defining the contribution of SNPs identified in asthma GWAS to clinical variables in asthmatic children

Gene SNP Key SNP Non-coded Coded Location MAF* P-value Phenotype/Reference MAF in UK families
Allele Allele   (Control/case)    
GSDMB rs2305480 C T Ser311Pro 0.45 6E-23 Asthma (childhood) [2, 6] 0.43
GSDMB rs11078927 C T intron 0.45/0.40 7.4E-07 Asthma [2, 6] 0.43
IL33 rs1342326 T G 5′ region 0.16 9E-10 Asthma [6] 0.17
IL33 rs3939286 G A 5′ region 0.25/0.28 5.3E-06 Asthma [3] 0.27
IL18R1 rs3771166 C T intron 0.38 3E-09 Asthma [6] 0.38
IL1RL1 rs1420101 G A intron 0.37/0.40 5.5E-12 Asthma [3] 0.38
SMAD3 rs744910 A G intron 0.49 4E-09 Asthma [6] 0.48
IL2RB rs2284033 A G intron 0.44 1.1E-08 Asthma [6] 0.43
PDE4D rs1588265 A G intron 0.34/0.23 4.3E-07 Asthma [4] 0.29
CRB1 rs2786098 C A intron 0.15 9.3E-11 Asthma [7] 0.22
RAD50 rs2244012 T C intron 0.21 3.05E-07 Asthma [5] 0.18
  1. Previous GWAS associations include; a chromosome 17 locus (orm1-like protein3 (ORMDL3)/gasdermin B (GSDMB)), interleukin 33 (IL33), a chromosome 2 locus (interleukin 18 receptor (IL18R)/interleukin 1 receptor like 1 (IL1RL1)), mothers against decaptentaplegic drosophila homolog 3 (SMAD3), and IL2 receptor beta (IL2RB), phosphodiestase 4D, cAMP specific (PDE4D), a chromosome 1 locus (Crumbs homolog 1 precursor (CRB1)) and RAD50, S. Cerevisiae, homolog of (RAD50). MAF minor allele frequency, *a single MAF is shown where the original paper only reported the MAF in all subjects. The p-value stated is for asthma association in the original study (referenced).