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Table 1 Demographic and phenotype information

From: Whole-exome sequencing of a pedigree segregating asthma

Family member Age Asthma diagnosis Allergies Asthma duration (years) Medications
Mother 45 Yes Yes 16 Albuterol
Father 46 No Yes NA Generic Allergy
Child 1 11 Yes Yes Unknown1 None
Child 2 17 Yes Yes 15 Albuterol, Generic Allergy
Child 3 15 No No NA None
Child 4 9 No No NA None
  1. 1Child and parents were unable to provide the age of diagnosis of asthma, but the mother reported the child being diagnosed with reactive airway disease between the ages of 1–2 years. The mother reported that this child had wheezing and persistent cough during the first year of life.