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Table 4 Parameter estimates from heterogeneity analysis in variance-components by gender for smoking initiation.

From: Genetic analyses of smoking initiation, persistence, quantity, and age-at-onset of regular cigarette use in Brazilian families: the Baependi Heart Study

Model Heterogeneity in variance components by gender Selected model
  h2 m h2 f σ2 g,m σ2 e,m σ2 g,f σ2 e,f Variance with heterogeneity
No covariate 0.475 0.547 1.559 1.721 0.519 0.430 genetic and environmental
age, sex, age2 0.696 0.696 0.885 0.385 0.885 0.385 no heterogeneity
  1. h2 (s.e.): heritability estimate (standard error); h2 m : heritability estimate for males; h2 f : heritability estimate for females; σ2 g,m : polygenic variance estimate for males; σ2 e,m : environmental variance estimate for males; σ2 g,f : polygenic variance estimate for females; σ2 e,f : environmental variance estimate for females.