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Table 4 The hn RNPs and SR proteins binding site sequences in normal and mutant as predicted by “Splicing Rainbow” tool

From: High prevalence of Arginine to Glutamine Substitution at 98, 141 and 162 positions in Troponin I (TNNI3) associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy among Indians

S:NO SNP LOCATION Splicing Rainbow & the binding site sequences
    Normal   Mutant
1 g.2653:G > A Intron 5 GGATGCGAGG hnRNP.U1U2 (Site destroyed)
2 g.4003:C > T Intron 6 TCCTCCTCCA hnRNP.E1E2 (Site destroyed)
    (No site) hnRNP.I1 I2 CCACGTTCCTCTTCCAG (New site)
    CTCCTCCA SC 35 (Site destroyed)
    (No site) U2AF65 TCTT (New site)