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Table 2 Genetic variants identified in the promoter regions of the IL2R alpha (CD25) gene locus

From: In-vitro characterization of novel and functional regulatory SNPs in the promoter region of IL2 and IL2R alpha in a Gabonese population

SNP (rs#) Position Polym orphism Flanking sequences Genotype Analysed individuals Allele Frequencya Frequencies (Hapmap YRI, CEU, CHB)b
rs12722617 −398 C>T TTCGC[C/T] GCATC CC 35 C 0.875 0.932, 1.000, NA
CT 5 T 0.125 0.068, 0.000, NA
ss410961577 −409 C>T GGATC[C/T] TTCAG CC 38 C 0.950 NA
CT 2 T 0.050
rs12722616 −516 C>T AACAC [C/T] TTATA CC 35 C 0.875 0.924, 1.000, 1.000
     CT 5 T 0.125 0.076, 0.000, 0.000
  1. aFrequency corresponds for both allele and genotypes; b: YRI: Yoruba population representing Sub- Saharan African individual group, CEU: European, CHB: Han Chinese; NA: data not available.