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Table 1 PCR-RFLP-based assay of survivin SNPs

From: Association of polymorphisms in survivin gene with the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in Chinese han population: a case control study

SNP Position Sequence of primer Enzyme Interpretation(bp)
rs8073069 -625 5'- GTYCATTTGTCCTTCATGCGC-3' 5'- GGCAGAGGGTGCAGTGAGC-3' Bstu I CC:164 CG:164,145 GG:145
rs9904341 -31 5'-GAGGACTACAACTCC CGGCAC-3' 5'- GTAGAGATGCGGTGGTCCTTG-3' Msp I GG:212,16 CC:120,92,16 CG:212,120,92,16
rs1042489 3'UTR 5'-GCTTACCAGGTGAGAAGTGAGG-3' 5'-GTATCTGCCAGACGCTTCCTATC-3' Msp I TT:476 TC:476,297,179 CC:297,179