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Figure 5

From: The obesity gene, TMEM18, is of ancient origin, found in majority of neuronal cells in all major brain regions and associated with obesity in severely obese children

Figure 5

The TMEM18 protein distribution in different cells in the mouse brain. Averaged percentages of different cell types positive for TMEM18 in five regions of the mouse brain: A. Cortex, B. Amygdala C. Hypothalamus D. Thalamus and E. Hippocampus. Sections were stained with DAPI (blue) as a cellular marker, NeuN antibody (green) for neurons and TMEM18 antibody (red). F. cell types in the hypothalamus are marked with arrows and numbered as follows: 1. TMEM18-positive neurons, 2. TMEM18-negative neurons, 3. TMEM18-positive non-neurons and 4. TMEM18-negative non-neurons.

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