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Table 5 Replication of 3 Chromosome 17 SNPs near ORMDL3 initially reported by Moffat et al. [5]

From: Asthma-susceptibility variants identified using probands in case-control and family-based analyses

SNP BP CAMP/Illumina CAMP Trio CAMP trios Reported in [12] CR Reported in [12] FHS iCAP
rs9303277 35229995 0.011 0.041 4.0E-03 1.5E-05 8.6E-03 3.3E-03
rs8067378 35304874 7.0E-03 0.10 7.0E-03 8.1E-06 0.019 8.4E-03
rs7216389 35323475 1.7E-03 0.15 0.13 9.3E-06 0.023 0.040
  1. Associations were in the same direction (data not shown). "CAMP Trio" refers to GWA results corresponding to the 403 trios reported in the current study. "CAMP trios Reported in [12]" refers to results from a previous candidate gene study corresponding to 444 trios.