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Table 2 Sequence of primers used in reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction, 5' Rapid Amplification of cDNA ends (5'RACE) and (RT-PCR) and plasmid constructs

From: Lack of association of TIM3polymorphisms and allergic phenotypes

TIM3 RT-PCR primers Forward 5'-tgctgctgctgctactacttaca-3'
  Reverse 5'-aggttggccaaagagatgag-3'
5'RACE First round forward 5'-gctggggtgtagaagcagggcagat-3'
  First round reverse 5'-ccatcctaatacgactcactatagggc-3'
  Nested PCR forward 5'-tgtctgtgtctctgctgggccatgt-3'
  Nested PCR reverse 5'-actcactatagggctcgagcggc-3'
Plasmid constructs primers Common reverse primer 5'-attatctcgagtggactgggtacttcttccaa
  Forward primer +63 bp 5'-attatggtacctgactgtagacctggcagtgtt-3'
  Forward primer -241 bp 5'-attatggtaccggacatgctccatttcaggt-3'
  Forward primer -452 bp 5'-attatggtacctgaggcttatgctgggagtt-3'
  Forward primer -914 bp 5'-attatggtaccaaaccactcagcctgtgagc-3'
  Forward primer -1702 bp 5'-attatggtaccgccttgaccaagttcatgct-3'
  Forward primer -2220 bp 5'-attatggtaccccagctccctacacacacaa-3'