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Table 3 Population attributable risk fractions (PARF) for homozygosity at five microsatellite markers in a final multivariable model of bacterial diseases death.

From: Homozygosity and risk of childhood death due to invasive bacterial disease

Microsatellite marker population prevalence of homozygosity OR for bacterial disease death PARF
D12S310 0.187 3.65 0.331
D13S158 0.387 2.04 0.287
D14S275 0.282 4.68 0.509
D16S3103 0.490 3.52 0.553
D16S423 0.418 2.75 0.423
  1. PARFs were calculated using all markers retained in the final multivariable logistic regression model but, for simplicity, without interaction effects. For this reason the Odds Ratios quoted here are not identical to those in table 2.