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Table 1 Primers used for PCR amplification and SNaPshot extension reactions.

From: A rapid method for detection of five known mutations associated with aminoglycoside-induced deafness

   Primer sequences (5'-3')  
PCR primers   For: caa cca aac ccc aaa gac ac  
   Rev: gct cag agc ggt caa gtt aag  
  Variant Primer sequences (5'-3') Orientation
SNaPshot primers    
  A1555G ttg gca ttt ata tag agg ag forward
  C1494T cgt aca cac cgc ccg tca c forward
  T1095C ctg gga tta gat acc cca cta tgc t forward
  961delT+C(n) aca ggt gag ttt tag ctt tat tgg gg reverse
  A827G gct tag tta aac ttt cgt ttg ttg cta aag g reverse